What is Project Nostalgia?

Info about Tactical Ops 2.2, Day of Defeat 1.0 and Counter-Strike 1.5 for our foreign Guests!
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What is Project Nostalgia?

Postprzez Mpl » Pn lut 10, 2014 12:35

Welcome at forums Project Nostalgia

Many times I have been looking back into times, when internet was new technology, and its speed was many times not enough to browse web pages. In the beginning of internet games, few titles were dominating minds of players, stealing from them countless hours. Pretty soon clans raised, making those first game big part of gaming history. Games like Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Tactical-Ops, Strike-Force, Infiltration made by fans, for fans, ruled internet cafes and gaming network, bringing back then epic experience.

As time passed, those mods were obsolete by their new, commercial versions. For young players, new versions became praised like nothing, but oldies began look nostalgic at their predecessors, which slowly faded away, until they lost theirshine in early 2010.

Currently, at 2013, network is full of phantom pages, from to time visited by ones that actually would like to travel to past and play, as in old days, but all they encounter are posts without response, invalid addresses, links, IP’s...

I can’t let this happen. I believe that there are people like me, grown adults, with wifes, kids, life and memories, which sometimes tend to awake and tell us to play Counter-Strike, Tactical-Ops... tell us to get back to times, where things were easier, simpler and sometimes better.

So I have made joint center for game mods, where we can talk about them, and most important, we can play them together!

Regards, and have best time playing on our servers and talking here,
Project Nostalgia

* - please note that I was referring to Polish scene regarding those games. My opinion is based on one month researching forums, youtube and in depth analyze of local scene.
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